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 ROM expander for Roland TR-505 15.11.2023 07:58 
   Up to 8 sound banks for beloved drum machine.

I got my hands on this machine a few years ago. Thanks for inspiration from HKA i create similar expansion board, it can be assembled with EPROMS 27C020, 27C040 and 27C080 for 2,4 or 8 banks of sounds.
I used prepared sounds from HKA and unfortunately it works !

The installation is same, there is need for remove original ROM chip and settle socket :

In this case i did not have the propper socket so i shorted another one.
Better is to use precission pins and corresponding socket.

Andd here is populated board with attached switches for 4 banks.

And other side of board.

Final installation of board. On the right side of switches are four minijack connectors for individual outputs.

Available sound sets are : Linn LM-1, LinnDrum, Oberheim DMX, TR-808, TR-909, Akai XR10, CR-78.

What to say on the end ? This low buget machine now hawe new potencial for making music, specialy for peoples who do not or don't want use DAWs. It sounds for his era, you must realize that there is no DAC only R2R and sounds are 8bit with dynamic envelope. But if you use good compressor, frequency corrections and efffects it can sound lovely. Hawe a lot fun with obsolete low budget gear !!!


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